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unit has required test equipments like DFT meter, adhesion tester, pencil hardness testing etc to assess final finish quality . Performance test like SST, humidity test etc are done periodically at approved external laboratories.

CED Coating Process


  • A DC charge is applied to a metal component immersed in a aqueous bath comprising ofoppositely charged paint particles.
  • The paint particles deposit on the component to a point where the coating reaches thedesired thickness.
  • The paint deposit is cured in a oven to attain the best coating performance.
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Electro Plating

Cathodic Electro Deposited coating is used extensively in the automotive and various other industries. In this process, the component after phosphate pre- treatment is dipped in the bath of Water soluble paint chemicals and given an electric charge. The coating gets deposited on the component by applying electricity. The component is removed from the bath, washed and then baked.  The products duly loaded on the jigs are carried from one tank to the other in a pre-programmed sequence and pre-defined time through automated Transporter wagons controlled by Programmable Logic controller.

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Powder coating
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