Ced Coating Services in Chennai No.❶ Ced Coating Services in Chennai
Ced Coating Services in Chennai No.❶ Ced Coating Services in Chennai
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SPECFIN INDUSTRIES was established in 1997 in Chennai. SPECFIN INDUSTRIES has specialized in Tin, Dull Nickel, Zinc Electroplating & CED Coating services and Ced Coating Services in Chennai, Electroplating Services, Powder Coating Services in Chennai, Spray Painting Services in Chennai to industry. We serve the automotive, electronics, process engineering and general manufacturing industries.

About Us

The promoter Mr.V.K.Perumal is a chemical engineer, who has over 20 years of working experience in leading companies like Lucas-TVS, Wheels India and TI cycles. He has conducted many training programs in various industries for different level of employees (from operators to managers) in industrial painting and electroplating techniques. He has served as consultant for many units for metal finishing processes.

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unit has required test equipments like DFT meter, adhesion tester, pencil hardness testing...

CED Coating Process

CED PROCESS – BASIC PRINCIPLE A DC charge is applied to a metal component immersed i...
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Electro Plating

Cathodic Electro Deposited coating is used extensively in the automotive and various other...
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